Check-in Times in Port-au-Prince

MAF asks that all passengers departing Port-au-Prince check in at the MAF office 1 hour prior to departure time.  This allows time to create the flight manifest, weigh bags and process any required payments.

For all flights the manifest is finalized 15 minutes before departure and passengers board 10 minutes before departure.  Once the manifest is finalized it is turned into the the civil aviation offices and cannot be changed.  If passengers arrive within 15 minutes of the departure time of a flight MAF reserves the right to reschedule the flight for later in the day or cancel the flight if rescheduling is not possible.  Please keep in mind that many passengers are making connections with international flights and MAF does its best accommodate them by staying on schedule throughout the day.

If you are arriving on an international flight before your flight with MAF please keep in mind that it can take 1 person as much as 45 minutes to get through immigration and baggage claim at the main terminal.  For larger groups it may take as long as 2 hours to make your way from the arrival gate to the MAF office at the domestic terminal.

Check in times outside of Port-au-Prince

When meeting an MAF plane for a flight that originates outside of Port-au-Prince, please be at the airstrip 30 minutes before the plane is expected to arrive.  several strips that we serve have a strip agent who will help with bags and manifesting so that the flight can leave quickly. Other airports have security check points that may take some time to clear.

If you are flying with MAF from Cap Haitian you should arrive at the airport 1 hour before the flight.  The Cap Haitian airport is an international airport and is quite busy.