Packing for your flight

When you are packing it is important to know the limitations of the plane that you have reserved.  MAF has two 5 passenger planes and one 9 passenger plane.  Each plane has it's own limits with regard to loading.   

  • When you receive a confirmation for your flight you will be given a specific weight limit for the route that you will be flying.
  • This limit is set by the limitations of the plane and cannot be exceeded.  If you do not know the weight limit of your flight please contact MAF. 
  • In some rare cases weather conditions may force the pilot to add additional fuel for your flight.  In those cases less weight will be available for passengers and cargo.
  • Any excess passenger cargo can fly on a later flight for a fee of .50 cents per pound.  However this cargo will travel as space is available and can not be guaranteed by a certain time or date.  If cargo is time critical another charter flight may be necessary.
  • MAF can transport pets but they must be in a carrier.  This carrier must be provided by the passenger.
  • Some items are considered HazMat or Hazardous Materials.  such items like batteries, generators or chemicals may need special care or containment.  Notify the MAF agent when you check in if you have questions about any of your cargo.