To maintain safe operations MAF must stay within the loading limitations of each aircraft that we fly.  When you make a reservation with us you will be given a weight limit for the plane that you have reserved.  This limit is based on the limitation of the aircraft as well as the fuel needed for the route that you will be traveling and the weight of the pilot.  If you are not given a weight limit for your flight please contact MAF for that information.

Sometimes the weight limit will change slightly on the day of the flight.  While it is rare that these changes would decrease the amount the plane can take the pilot will occasionally need to add fuel due to weather or other routing issues.  MAF will do it's best to make sure that the customers are not negatively impacted by these changes.

Excess cargo
If passengers bring more cargo than the plane is able to handle they will be given the choice of paying .50¢ per pound to transport that cargo on another flight going to the same location.  In this case the cargo will be standby and cannot be guaranteed by a certain time or date.

For more time sensitive items MAF will do another charter flight at the same rate as the original booking if the flight schedule allows.