Due to our decreased flight requests during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have insufficient demand to continue the regularly scheduled weekly flights to and from Jeremie.  You may still charter a flight to Jeremie through our regular scheduling process, but we will not be selling individual seats until further notice.

MAF offers regular service from Port-au-Prince to Jeremie on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week*.  These flights are usually done in our 9 passenger Cessna Caravan.  Each seat is allowed 50lbs of cargo at no extra charge. Please see pricing and scheduling details below.


All Seats to or from Jeremie are $150 per seat (one way). Excess cargo .50¢ per pound.

Please check in for this flight 1 hour before the departure time.  Any passenger not checked in 15 minutes before departure time will forfeit their seat. 


Depart PAP at 8:00 am
Arrive JER at 8:45 am

Depart JER at 9:00 am
Arrive PAP at 9:50 am

(times may vary due to weather and aircraft type used)


Depart PAP at 12:00 pm
Arrive JER at 12:45 pm

Depart JER at 1:00 pm
Arrive PAP at 1:50 pm

(times may vary due to weather and aircraft type used)